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New Gimp 2.8.3 build

January 24, 2013 by admin

Here’s my latest gimp build. Contains python support, but no other plugins. It includes all previous fixes for gegl, babl, and the gimp-2.8 series.

Edit: I’d also like to point out that  gtk+, gegl, babl, and gimp are all compiled from source via git. All other packages are compiled from “stable” tarballs.

  • Plugins now show up on top.
  • Copy/Paste fixes
  • Other minor fixes

EDIT2: Also be aware that ever since this commit, we have had an actual patch in gtk for tablet pressure support.

Tablet pressure support

Download it here.


  1. Awesome, thanks! I’m going to try it out this weekend. I suppose it probably doesn’t have pressure support, but that’s what I’ve got my Macports/X11 build for.

  2. Awesome! Can’t wait! I’m always happy when the developers take time to improve Mac support for the programs I love. Any idea when new builds will be made [by simone or whoever]?

    • admin says:

      What, is my build not good enough? :D

      Simone will probably make one available as soon as 2.8.4 is released. Unfortunately, she doesn’t stop by the #gimp channel often so it’s hard to coordinate efforts.
      Is there anything about her builds in particular?

      • Hah! Didn’t mean to offend you :)

        Reasons: Well, Simone’s includes the “Pro” theme, which is less ugly than the default by a wide margin [although still not as good as the Nodoka theme I've got in MacPorts]. The main reason I use Simone’s native builds at all rather than the pressure-sensitive, non-ugly, faster MacPorts version is the plugins–Focus Blur and Heal Selection/Resynthesizer are ones I rely on for a lot of my work. There’s probably a way to get them via MacPorts but I haven’t figured that out >.<

        Is there any specific advantage to your builds [other than file size]? I haven't played around with it much so I'm not sure if there are any differences in speed or function that I should be aware of.

        Need to head to class now, but I'd love to learn more about GIMP development sometime. If you have the time, send me an email [].

        Thanks! Forgive me if I don't know that much about the development or get something wrong; I follow the mailing list and have a basic understanding of how development works, but I don't spend much time on IRC, forums, or the bug tracker :/

        • admin says:

          Whoops, guess I made a mistake. I included the murrine engine, meaning that any theme that uses the same engine will work. For example, all of my screenshots feature the Zukitwo theme. (I don’t know why it wasn’t bundled with my build. Silly me.)

          I’ve heard things about the speed issues, but those would best be reported to the mailing list or the bug tracker (I don’t use gimp enough to be able to say anything about speed). Specifically what is slower/faster would help speed up finding and fixing the issues.

          As far as plugins are concerned, I’ll look into them. AFAIK, I’ve included plugins in one of my previous builds, which might still work if copied over correctly. Perhaps I’ll just build a few plugins and make them available as an extra package.

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